Did Russian President, Vladimir Putin, Really Live and Work in Tanzania?

Did Russian President Vladimir Putin stay in Tanzania?

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Russian Leader, Vladimir Putin is said to have spent four consecutive years, living and working in Tanzania.

President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, who is currently making headlines with his invasion of Ukraine, was training freedom fighters from various African Nations that were operating from Tanzania in the 70s.

Putin stayed in Tanzania where he was training freedom fighters for more than five years, precisely in the period between 1973 and 1977.

Though the period is yet to be confirmed as others claim it was in the 80s

An old photo to that effect was unveiled a few years ago by a Zimbabwean News Outlet.

The former KGB boss, Vladimir Putin, according to iHarare, conducted the training at various army bases in the country but especially at the freedom fighters training fields of Kaole in the Coastal Town of Bagamoyo, along the Indian Ocean shoreline.

One of the Ruins in the Historical town of Bagamoyo, a place where Vladimir Putin trained African Freedom fighters

In those days, Tanzania, shortly after its independence, used to be at the forefront in championing the African Liberation Movements a mission the country embarked onto from the late 60s all the way to the mid-eighties.

Many of Mozambique and South African freedom fighters were hosted in among other areas, Morogoro and Bagamoyo in Tanzania.

Third from left is the current Russian President  Vladimir Putin, next to him is the first African Mozambique President, the late Samora Machel, together with the Zimbabwean President Emmerson Munangagwa. Photo said to have been taken in Bagamoyo in 1973. However other reports say it was in East German

But the photo is credited to iHarare the Zimbabwean news outlet which so far insists it was taken in the Tanzanian coastal town.

However the Russian Cultural Center, say the photo could have been taken in Eastern German in the mid-70s. However the fact that Putin might have dropped into Tanzania in the past is possible, only that the photo had nothing to do with the issue.

Headlines and Sidelines: Russian President Putin, putting up different faces

Back in the days, a number of medical personnel from Tanzania also went to be trained in Moscow.

The other notable figure who also ‘dropped by’ unannounced in Tanzania was Che Guevara who stayed in Dar-es-salaam from 11th to the 18th of February, 1965.

Che Guavara an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, physician, author, guerrilla leader, diplomat, and military theorist, all rolled up into one, was distinguished figure in the Cuban Revolution.

Guavara is believed to have secretly visited Tanzania twice in the past.

Guavara even took an excursion into the Ngorongoro Crater that year. He was officially seen on the 18th of February 1965 when giving a press conference in Dar es Salaam. Shortly after he left the city.

Some say Guavara trevelled to Kigoma from where he entered Congo.

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  3. Ben says

    Would be nice if it were true. Please fact check before printing this rubbish. Putin was a law student from 1970 through 1975 at Leningrad State University. Putin only joined the KGB in 1975 and began his training in Leningrad. I can assure you he was not in 2 places at one. Putin was 20 going on 21 in 1973 who was this man training without any training himself?

    1. Bramweli says

      At what age sadam got into office

  4. Saxardiid Kilwe says

    Since president Putin had helped Africa by training Angola freedom fighters in Tanzania, we Somali’s – as a young brother of Tanzania and an old ally of Russia – are eager to get same kindly hand from Presidents Mr. Putin and Ms Samia Hassan to help us stand on our feet.

  5. Concepts 009 says

    Honestly, I need to first be well informed before I can stand on both legs to comment. If the other version of history is true, that Putin studied law in Leningrad university up to 1975, then it could only be possible that if the same Putin was training freedom fighters in Tanzania from 1973, the only justifiable circumstance could then be that he studied online for his law.
    Yet still the problem remains as to where and when he himself got his military training from!!!?!

  6. Nicole says

    The article says 1973-1980 so definitely could be true. We all know msm is the enemy of the people!

  7. […] photo was taken in the Tanzanian town of Kaole, near Bagamoyo. Tanzania Times further claimed Putin was a “KGB boss” who trained African freedom fighters between 1973 and […]

  8. […] photo was taken in the Tanzanian town of Kaole, near Bagamoyo. Tanzania Times further claimed Putin was a “KGB boss” who trained African freedom fighters between 1973 and […]

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