Powerful US Legislators Coming to Tanzania

Coming to America? No. This time US Legislators are ‘Coming to Africa!’

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Tanzania is about to receive a team of powerful legislators from the United States who will soon be jetting into the country.

The new Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Gregory Meeks is leading the maiden congressional delegation to Africa.  It is will also be the first of his tenure, according to the ‘The Africa Report.’

The group of seven Democratic lawmakers from the world’s most powerful country embarks for a four-nation tour that will take them to Sierra Leone, Liberia, then here in Tanzania and later on Ivory Coast.

Serving as the US representative from the state of New York since 1998, Gregory Weldon Meeks is an American lawyer and politician who is a member of the Democratic Party and has chaired the House Committee on Foreign Affairs since 2021

Meek Coming to Africa

Meeks is the first African-American lawmaker to lead the powerful committee that helps set US foreign policy.

After taking over the gavel from fellow New Yorker Eliot Engel following Engel’s defeat in the 2020 Democratic primary, Meeks vowed to put sub-Saharan Africa “on the front-burner” of US foreign policymaking after the continent was perceived as getting short shrift under President Donald Trump.

Also in the delegation of the seven members of the United States Congress is Ilhan Omar, the first Somali-American Muslim woman to become legislator.

They are from the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee, which helps to set the US foreign policy, will make a tour of 4 African nations, including Tanzania

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